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Content marketing is not a rocket science, but there are clear fundamentals to help you achieve good result if your approach is in line with these fundamentals.In my past years in internet marketing, there are many things I took less important and never thought they’re the reasons for not getting good result in my work.According to businesspally digital magazine, there’s one thing that will always be relevant in good content marketing strategies: Improving users’ experience and satisfaction.

Google updates about media

A hardly noticeable and yet serious difference is the result of the Google Images update at the beginning of the year.If you used the Google image search, the images were displayed in a thumbnail view, with a click on the image it was enlarged and at the same time forwarded to the homepage on which the image is integrated.That’s a quick and effective way to attract users to your site, says chaktty.With the update, an intermediate stage was installed that lost up to 80 percent of traffic on average.Instead of the homepage, a black bar opens in the background and in front of it the image in an enlarged view.Only by clicking on the image or the button next to it will the user be forwarded to the corresponding homepage.

Tweaks to content marketing

Before you can be sure you’ve curated a good fit content to bring you leads, you need to incorporate some of the elements I want to discuss into your content structure.

Balance text and media ratio

The vision system is well connected to our memory and the cognitive domain than our hearing system, hence the reason TVs are more popular than radio.Students in academics are also known to learn better when they’re taught with audiovisual instructional aids, according to Techpally findings.The media in your content: image, video and infographics also makes sense from both the search engine and user’s perspective.Your text and image should complement each other, and you always help your visitors not to get bored reading your article.In addition, it is important that the content around the image contains the keywords from the alt tag and file name.

100 characters before and after the image can be a guide value here, because Google evaluates the relevance and examines the caption, but also the headline and the paragraph surrounding the embedded image.Therefore, images should always be contextual and never used purely for decorative purposes, business pally editor advised.

Structure your image file

When uploading the images, care should be taken to create thematically appropriate folders and subfolders in the file list.In this way, images can not only be found again quickly, they also receive a fixed and, in the best case, meaningful URL.Creating an image sitemap can help Googlebot find and crawl the images.

Use Images multiple times

The more an image is used, the more relevant it becomes, says chaktty from blackhatword.If an image is used multiple times within a domain, the indexing probability increases.It also shows Google that the image is important. If the picture is called up often or even shared, this is tantamount to a recommendation.

Patience is still required

Once all of these factors have been taken into account, it’s time to wait and expect to see result after your contents are settled in search engines.After the optimization, it can take some time for the Googlebot to go through all the pages and to start to see the first positive effects.According to Techpally, it takes about two months for new changes on content and links to get settled, valued, and effect your ranking.Firstly, it can take up to six weeks for images to get into the index while content takes days to get indexed.Basically, older images rank better than younger ones. So good things take time.

If you do your homework and always follow these tips when uploading images, you have already done a lot of things right with image SEO optimization

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