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Biography of Danica McKellar’s son, Draco Verta

Draco verta

The name Draco Verta was kept by Danica Mckellar’s husband, a 38-year-old composer, Mike Verta, a Latin word for dragon and constellation. He is just a little boy who has made a great name in the field of acting. Just like his mom, he has consistently maintained a commendable performance in each one of his projects. Back in, the children’s show, “Math Bites” gained him huge recognition. His performance in the 2012 movie, “Love at the Christmas” was highly appreciated by the reviewers. Now let us dive a little into his life.

Birth Story

At the time of his birth, his mom had to go through labor for one day and a half but surprisingly enough, Danica barely remembers anything from her delivery. Another time she told that had she known about staying in labor for such a long time, she would not have had the courage for it. After 36 hours of vigorous struggle, she gave birth to her beautiful son on the 7th of September, 2010, and that too without an epidural.

In one of her interviews, she said that as soon as her baby arrived, the room was instantly filled with so much joy and love and that it was the most amazing evening of her life.

His Personal Life

Although he belongs to a mixed ethnicity, he is considered to be an American. Having no siblings to date, Draco is the only child of Mike Verta and Danica McKellar. He is also related to the famous personalities Chris Junior and Connor Mckellar.

His parents had been together since 2001 and tied the knot on the 22nd of March in 2009. But things did not go like that. After two years of his birth, both of them got divorced in the year 2012 and the case got over in February 2013. Being a small kid, his custody was given to his mother and both of them are quite happy in co-parenting the kid.

His mother got married to a famous lawyer, Scott Sveslosky when Draco was just four. Mckellar is very affectionate towards her son which is evident by the brag-worthy posts she makes regarding her son. If you take a closer look at Danica, you would know that she is a very dedicated mother, undoubtedly. Along with her second marriage, Draco also got a brother who was a son from Sveslosky’s first marriage.

Based on his birthdate and time, astrologers have predicted his zodiac sign to be Virgo. Although he does not hold a page on Wikipedia, some of his information is being shared on several websites like MarriedWiki and IMDB.


Although no confirmed news has been received of his educational qualifications, people say he is studying in a primary school in the United States. To maintain his privacy his parents have decided not to talk about his personal life publicly. His parents have also stayed silent when asked about his birthplace. However, on several occasions, we have seen him attend school along with his mother which indicates that he is not homeschooled. His fans are waiting for his mom to reveal the grade in which he is enrolled but people say currently he might be in the 6th or 7th grade.

His Acting Career

How does it feel to be famous just after being born? Well, that is the case with Draco Verta. His parents are well-established names in the field of direction, production, and composing. Owing to this fact it was not a very difficult task to get him in the films. He made his debut at just the age of 2. His first role was that of a small baby at the party because he was just two years of age at that time. But his career did not end there. After that, he was featured in an episode of Math Bites after two years of his debut. In that episode, he had to make a cute appearance and sing the quadratic formula as sweetly as possible. In a span of eight years, he worked in as many as 5 films and telefilms.

However, we have not seen him in any of the films since his last appearance in Christmas Grand Valley. Maybe his mother and father thought that it would be best for him to focus on his studies and childhood. The glamorous life not only affects the mental health of a person but also snatches away their innocence. The last time we saw him on the screens was in 2018. Maybe he wants to have peaceful life for some time and then make a comeback. Well, as no official statement is made, all we can do is just assume that this is something that is only confined to their parents.

Does he have an Instagram Account?

This little celebrity does not hold his own Instagram account. However, there are several fan pages run by his anonymous fans. Likewise, his mother is also not a fan of social media and likes to maintain a distance from all kinds of social media. He too does not have any official account under her name. On the other hand, his father is a social butterfly and loves to post quite often. He has an account by the handle, @mikeverta. So if anyone wants to check up on Draco, he or she might just take a look at all the adorable photos posted by his father.  

Wrapping Up

Draco is a 13-year-old, 4 feet 5 inches tall charming young boy with a very handsome face and dark eyes. If we talk about his career, he has established himself pretty nicely at such a young age. As expected he is a minor at this present moment which justifies the fact that he is currently not dating anyone. Although Draco does not own a social media account, his pictures are obtained from his parent’s accounts.

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