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Billie Early Was Happily Married To Her Love But Tragedy Occurred? Find Out The Reason Behind That Tragedy

Billie Eerly is famous as mother of the nominated finalist four times as of golden globe nominated actress Cameron Diaz, who was also the New York Times bestselling author. Billey served as an import export agent at a construction company. She was born in the year 1950 on the 11th day of august and in the year 1972, her daughter Cameron Diaz was born to Billie and Emilio Diaz in California. Billie is quite well known for being supportive to her love and maintains a sound living. As a single mother she has struggled to raise her only daughter Cameron Diaz. She encouraged her to start career as an actor as Cameron had always been interested in pursuing her career as an actor. But the most important thing is neither Billie life has never been an obstacle in Cameron life nor her career. Billie is 72 years old and holds sun sign as Leo. The celebrity mother Billie bears ethnic identity which seems to be complicated. With extensive research it’s found that she bears her ancestry from English, Irish, German, and Scottish as well as has native roots from Cherokee from both sides of parents. Her birth was in California which makes her citizen of native America, she also adapted her dead husband’s home town Cuba after her marriage in the later 1960’s. 


Billie Early

Gender – 


Born on –
 11th August 1950

Husband – 

Emilio Diaz

Marriage – 

1st march 1969

Work –
Import export agent and mother of Cameon Diaz
Nationality – American 
Sun Sign – Leo 


Billie married her love, Emilio Diaz who was a second generation Cuban American. Both of them met each other at sugar shack up in Big Bear. Emilio first approached her at the sugar shack up in the big bear. They felt in love at the first sight that bought them stay strong in their lovely relationship. But they dated each other in 1991 and married after 9 months of dating each other. It was quite unfortunate that Emilio died in the year 2008. 

Something tragic that took her husband’s life is quite sorrowful. As per reports, Emilio worked as a foreman at the oil industry passed away suddenly in the 15th April 2008. He caught flu and that rapidly developed to pneumonia. He was 58 when he passed away and that made Billie life turn upside down. She was devastated as well as her daughter Cameron also were quite depressed due to the death of Emilio. 

From her husband, she has two daughters, among whom her first child was born in the year 1970 and the youngest daughter was born in the year 1972. Then she got married to her second husband who is a singer and song writer Robby Armstrong. She then had two more kids. Right now they all stay happily at the Huntington Beach, California. 

The second wedding:-

To overcome sorrow she struggled a lot and later found love with her second husband. Now she is a mother to four children and they all stay in a better way. 

How much she worth:-

Billie Early has not disclosed her net worth or salary to media. But her daughter ever disclosed her net worth to be around $140 million that she earned from her profession. She worked as an actress, writer, film producer and a model. 

Billie physique is all about the talk of tinsel town, which is quite attractive with being fair skin tone and have blonde hair and blue eyes. She now spends a luxurious life and is working on her own company after retirement. She is well known as the co-founder of Avaline, which is new wine brand. 

The most important news that goes on and has given a great happiness to Billie. It was the birth of her grandson Raddix Madden. Her grandson was born on 30th day of December in the years 2019 in Los Angeles at California. He is called to be the first child of the American actor Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden. 


Billie doesn’t have any rumour or is neither involved in any kind of rumours and controversies. She is quite a private person and loves to stay cool in herself. 


Billie is well educated with her education completed from a private school in her home town. Later after her education she joined quite a reputed college and confirmed her college degree. But the details are not so confirmed relating to her higher education but the only information revealed is she had journalism in her majors. After her education, she started working as an import and export agent at a construction firm. Then there she continued to bring up her kids with better education and upbringing. 

Life experiences:-

Now when she overcame all her sorrows in life. She stays happily being retired. But the incident of her husband death is really a tragic in her life which might have healed with her second marriage. She is now focusing on her current business and is leading a healthy and happy life with her new husband, kids and grand kid.

Her daughter was considered to be the highest paid Hollywood actress over the 40’s in 2013 and it was in 2018 across US when her domestic box office grossed her around $3 billion US, with the worldwide grosses that surpassed $ 7 billion with making her the fifth highest grossing U.S. domestic box office actresses.  

It was Billie who struggled her life with the sorrowful tragedy of her first husband loss. He even was his first love and this was sufficient enough to break her down. Still she stood strong to build her career as well as handled all her kids with best life and education. She stood supportive and now she is happy with her present life retired and is focusing in her own business. She is always an inspiration for all who grow their kids as single parent. 

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