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7 Best Wine Brands That You Ought To Try Once

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In India, several wine brands operate from the states of Maharashtra and Karnataka. Nasik is a small town in Maharashtra known as the wine capital of the country as it is the home of the best wine brands. For many people, wine is an important part of their life and consumed during events and occasions. 

Wine is one of the most consumed drinks in India and it is prepared with the help of fermented grapes. Wine also goes along with several dishes like seafood dishes, and it also improves the experience of dining as well.

Top Wine Brands In India  

There are several different Indian wine brands and each has its unique variation, texture, taste and overall quality.  Most people preferred different wine brands on different occasions and some brands are the best for events and formal parties. Other wine brands may be useful as a casual hangout or get together with friends. 

In the list below, you can see the most popular wine brands.. 

1- Sula

Sula is one of the most famous wine brands in the country. Wines from Sula contain flavours from berries. It is trendy in India and mostly used in restaurants and hotels to be served with cheese and a variety of meat dishes. The price of the Sula wine is 700 and above. Sula is one of the best quality wine brands because of its aroma, texture, and quality. 

2- Myra

If you are looking for the best brand for wine, then Myra is an excellent choice They have several wines prepared from hand-picked grapes. Myra wines are famous for their amazing taste and aroma. The price of the Myra brand for wine is Rs. 600 and above. This brand is a popular brand for wine in India. Myra brand wine can be consumed along with several varieties of meat and other dishes.

3- Fratelli Wines

Fratelli Wines is a premium wine brand known for its best quality wine that brings the best out of Italian wine. It is most suited for the Indian atmosphere and cuisine. The price of the Fratelli wine brand is Rs. 800 and above. The brand wines have amazing taste, aroma, texture which make them good quality wine, and are usually consumed with meat and a variety of other dishes.

4- Grover Zampa

Grover Zampa is one of the most popular wine brands for the top quality wine manufacture in the country. It is a well-known wine brand. This brand has several products which are used by people on all occasions and events. The price range of this wine brand is Rs. 700 and above. Many people appreciate the brilliant taste of Grover Zampa wine. People prefer to consume spicy Indian dishes. The texture and quality of the wine make it one of the best quality wine brands as compared to other wine brands. 

5- Vallonne

Vallonne is the best and most famous white and red wine brand in India. It has the most amazing wines that are known for their best quality, amazing taste and aroma that made it one of the most popular brands of wine in India. The taste, texture, and aroma of this wine are considered to be some of the best among all. People prefer to consume Indian dishes and food items. 

6- SDU Deva

SDU Deva is a well-known and popular brand for wine in India. This brand produced some amazing wine and is considered to be one of the best brands for wine in India. The price of the SDU Deva wine brand is Rs. 500 and above. This brand has one of the most delicious and smooth wine dishes. The texture, aroma and taste of the wine made it a top-quality wine brand. 

7- Chateau d’Ori

Chateau d’Ori is a well-known brand of wine in India. People prefer to use this brand. It is the most popular brand for medium-bodied wine that offers a great experience with a long smooth finish. It is made from freshly picked grapes from Nashik, Maharashtra. The price range of this wine brand is Rs. 500 and above. People prefer to eat meat and other dishes. This wine brand has a great aroma, taste and texture which make it a good quality brand for wine. 

Final words

Hopefully, you will find the different brands for wine and their prices.  These wines are a great compliment and best for any occasion. You can also buy these wines as a gift as they can be paired with all kinds of food. If you have never tried wine before, now is the time!

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