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5 Tips for Designing a Custom Urn


Did you know that 4 out of 5 Americans are more likely to choose cremation over casket burial? Whatever memorial options you have in mind, your loved one may soon depart this life.

The death of a beloved is a moment that no one wishes. But unfortunately, it might occur anytime.

Making arrangements in advance can make a difficult time a little less so. You can plan for the loss of a loved one by designing a custom urn.

If you are seeking urn ideas, this article is for you. For more information, continue reading through the article’s conclusion.

1. Consider the Urn’s Size

In considering the size of the urn, the larger one can provide more room for intricate detailing and designs. Smaller types of urns are often better suited for simpler designs.

It’s also important to determine what size the urn will need to be to accommodate the deceased’s ashes. The measurements should be carefully taken and compared against the urn-size rules in your area. Moreover, observing such rules is a part of the whole procedure of how cremation process works.

2. Choose a Material to Use

When designing a personalized urn, you should choose a material that is both suitable and appropriate. There are a variety of material options to choose from. These materials include plastic, resin, ceramic, metal, and wood.

Metal urns are particularly strong and durable. You can easily etch or engrave them for personalization.

Wood and ceramic urns can be painted or carved to create a special design. Resin and plastic offer lightweight alternatives and can be adorned with a variety of decorative touches.

3. Decide on a Shape

When it comes to deciding on a shape, you should consider both the functional and aesthetic qualities of the piece. For example, a traditional urn shape featuring a vase style is very popular. This is because of its symmetrical look and manageable surface area.

However, if you prefer something more unique with enough artistic flare, a pyramid, orb, cylinder, or even box could be a better choice. Each of these shapes offers different levels of customization, so be sure to think about how it will impact the overall look of the urn.

4. Look for a Significant Color

Color can convey emotion, and memorializing a loved one with their favorite color can serve as a source of comfort. When designing a custom urn, choose a color that is a favorite of the person being honored.

Consider whether to pick a louder or more subdued color. A vivid color may stand out, while a more subtle shade can be a reflection of the subtlety of the person you’re honoring.

5. Put Custom Decorations

When designing a custom urn, put custom decorations, such as photo stickers, artwork, and other small mementos. This will give the design a unique touch.

The decorations should be chosen carefully, based on the memory of the deceased and their personality. You can also add a meaningful quote, or a special piece of jewelry as decorations.

Design a Custom Urn Using These Tips Today

Designing a custom urn is a great way to create a meaningful memorial. In making the design, remember to consider the size, choose a material, decide on a shape, look for a significant color, and put custom decorations. By following the tips outlined in this article, you can create something personal and unique for your loved one.

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