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5 Signs It’s Time to Get New Floors


Are you considering having new floors installed in your home or apartment? Maybe you are trying to decide if you need new floors. It can be a tough decision, especially when so much of your space is already dedicated to your furniture.

In order to determine if you should have new floors installed, there are a few signs you must look out for. If you are ready to get a new flooring system and have an idea of what you want to be installed, this quick guide can help you out!

1. Noticing Uneven or Warping Floorboards

One sign that your floors need replacing is noticing the floorboards have started to become uneven or are warping. This can result in a bumpy walking surface, and it can also be hazardous.

Warping, particularly near door frames, can also indicate water damage. If there has been a leak or flooding, it can severely damage the integrity of the floors and needs to be addressed right away. 

2. Repair Costs Increasing Over Time

It is always important to assess the state of your home’s floors and how frequently they require repairs. If you find that the cost of repairing your types of floors keeps increasing, it could be a sign that it is time to get new floors.

This could mean either complete floor replacement or installing flooring on top of existing flooring.

3. Mildew Growth & Unexpected Odors

When your existing floors start to give off unexpected odors or mildew growth appears, it may be a sign that it’s time to consider investing in new floors.

Mildew will often appear if the flooring has become damp or waterlogged or if the humidity in the home is too high. Unpleasant odors can be caused by water leakage or moisture buildup.

Both of these issues are signs that it may be time to replace your flooring. 

4. Dirt & Stains That Won’t Come Out

Dirt and stains that won’t come out are tell-tale signs that it’s time to get new floors. If you try to clean the area and nothing seems to be working, it’s best to invest in new floors instead of continuing to fight an uphill battle.

Even if you try to cover it up with a rug or other decorative piece, chances are it will still be noticeable. Vinyl flooring can also be more resistant to dirt and stains and allow for easy care and maintenance.

If you’re ready for a fresh look and a better-functioning floor, now is the time to consider learning more about luxury vinyl flooring.

5. Change in Home Aesthetic & Functionality

Over the years, the aesthetic and functionality of the floors can diminish. Worn patches, fading colors, and discoloration are clear signs it is time to invest in new floors. If there are cracks, chips, or holes, there may be underlying issues such as water damage.

With new floors, not only can you update the look of the home, but also make it more functional. New floors can not only improve the safety of the home but also be easier to maintain and provide insulation and acoustic benefits.

Get New Floors Now

If you are noticing any of these signs, it is time to consider getting new floors. It is important to consult a flooring specialist to find the best option for your home and lifestyle. Don’t wait until it is too late- contact a flooring specialist today!

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