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Main properties of Dermalax Deep Plus

Introducing the groundbreaking intradermal enhancer, Dermalax Deep Plus—an aseptic gel boasting a monophasic composition infused with stabilized hyaluronic acid, meticulously reticulated to a concentration of 24 mg/ml. This exceptional formulation is designed to effectively combat moderate to profound facial and neck wrinkles while also adeptly sculpting and augmenting lip contours. The filler’s compact and seamless consistency ensures a consistent dispersion within creases of varying depths.

Many experts favor the Korean Dermalax Deep Plus fillers, developed with synthetic hyaluronic acid provided by SHISEIDO. In 2014, a cycle of tests was conducted, which confirmed the safety and effectiveness of this filler in the field of cosmetology and contour plastics.

Advantages of Dermalax Deep Plus filler

The main advantageous feature of Dermalax Deep Plus Lip filler is its ability not only to smooth wrinkles and improve skin texture but also to restore lost moisture in all layers of the dermis. Hyaluronic acid, as a key element of the intercellular matrix, stimulates active cell regeneration, migration, and division, promoting the synthesis of elastin and collagen. This leads to skin rejuvenation, restoring its hydro-balance and giving the face a fresh and healthy look.

To ensure maximum comfort, solution is formulated with the lowest possible concentration of 0.3% lidocaine.

Dermalax deep plus with lidocaine based on hyaluronic acid with lidocaine 1.1 ml offers the opportunity to give your skin a new youthfulness! Thanks to Dermalax Deep Plus hyaluronic filler, cosmetologists can effectively address a variety of aesthetic skin problems without the need for surgery:

  • smoothing medium to deep wrinkles, including nasolabial and lip chin folds;
  • restoring lost volume and contours to the lips, cheeks, temples, and cheekbones;
  • improving the oval shape of the face;
  • replenishment of volume in the eyebrow area.

The product is injected into the middle layers of the skin, which is pre-cleaned from decorative cosmetics and treated with antiseptic. The presence of local anesthetic lidocaine significantly facilitates the injection process and reduces the duration of the procedure, making the procedure more comfortable by reducing pain. The injections are performed using a syringe with a fine needle in various techniques with absolute sterility. The procedure is completed with a light massage to evenly distribute the filler.

After the first session, hyaluronic acid begins to actively work, attracting water molecules to itself, which contributes to improved tissue hydrodynamics and stimulates the formation of new elastin and collagen fibers. As a result, the skin becomes smooth and fresh, acquiring a youthful appearance.


Despite the absolute safety of Dermalax Deep Plus filler, there are several restrictions for invasive procedures:

1. Allergic reaction to the components of the drug (hyaluronic acid or lidocaine);

2. Autoimmune disorders and appropriate therapy;

3. Diabetes mellitus;

4. Bronchial asthma;

5. Oncologic tumors;

6. Inflammatory conditions or infections in the area of injection;

7. Chronic dermatitis and various skin lesions;

8. Low blood coagulability;

9. Pregnancy and breastfeeding period.

Usage of Dermalax Deep Plus filler for injections provides a long-term aesthetic result by following simple recommendations. It is significant to avoid friction at the injection sites to avoid introducing infection and causing inflammation. This also applies to decorative cosmetics, which should be avoided for at least one day. Medics advise refraining from intense physical activity, visiting a sauna, and drinking alcohol and nicotine for one to two weeks. Scheduled peeling or hardware procedures with heating are better to postpone for a few days. It is significant to avoid sudden temperature changes and direct sunlight. The patient’s lifestyle and individual characteristics of his body may affect the long-term effects of the drug

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