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What Type of Survey Do I Need When Buying a Home?

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Buying a home is a significant investment, typically the biggest most people make in their lifetimes, so you want to be sure the house is in the best condition before finalising the purchase. No one wants hidden surprises after the deal closes, and getting a survey helps save you from finding out a house has significant defects afterwards. But what type of survey should you get?

Level 1 Survey (Condition Report)

This is the most basic and simplest home survey you can get. Property surveyors recommend it for newly built and standard homes less than 50 years old. The reason is that these homes are less likely to have the types of serious damage you might get with older homes. This survey provides a basic report of all visible and urgent issues.Being the most basic survey, it is also the cheapest. However, it is always a good idea to talk to different building surveyors to find the best price when getting one.

Level 2 Survey (Homebuyer Report)

A level 2 home buyers survey is still a basic survey recommended for most properties but is more detailed than a level 1 survey. It is suitable for modern and conventional properties less than 50 years old and built out of conventional materials.

These surveys fall under RICS surveying because they are part of a standard format set by the RICS and that ensures they provide a written rating for all the property’s elements. The surveyor can also dig further to provide background information on the property and location as well as the property’s history.

Typically provided as a separate service, this type of survey can also include property valuers who will consider different defects and significant problems that could impact the property’s value.

The final report contains the cost of repairs and maintenance required. Because of how significant the final report is, you will need to hire a competent and experienced house surveyor in Norwich. They will do a thorough survey and ensure you know about all issues with a house so you know the next steps to take, whether that is negotiating or walking away.

Level 3 Survey (Building Survey)

This survey is the most comprehensive and is recommended for all homes over 50 years old. While they are more expensive than the other surveys, building surveys can save you thousands of pounds if they unearth hidden issues.

The final report will give you a complete breakdown of hidden and urgent concerns, a report of the condition of all accessible areas, and detailed advice on the property’s condition. You can also ask for a home valuation with this survey, and you can use it instead of the lender’s valuation if you wish to finance the purchase using a mortgage.

Home surveys are crucial when buying homes. The type you get will depend on the property and how thorough you want it to be. A level 2 survey is the best for most cases, but you may want to go deeper with a level 3 survey. A level 1 survey is adequate if you are buying a new home that you are confident is in good condition.

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