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Should You Get Surgery for Back Pain From Large Breasts


Do large breasts cause back pain? 

This issue calls for a very serious conversation. Many women aren’t dealing with their back pain because they don’t realize how big of an issue their breasts are.

Instead of facing the problem head-on, they choose to ignore it. This doesn’t work in your favor. Back pain can interrupt your life and cause you unnecessary stress. Sometimes surgery is the best option, so don’t ignore your pain.

Read our guide to learn if you should get surgery for back pain from large breasts.

Amount of Discomfort

When it comes to dealing with back pain due to large breasts, one of the most important factors to consider when deciding whether to get surgery is the amount of discomfort that the person is feeling. Excessive weight from the breasts can cause stress on the back, neck, and shoulders, leading to pain and discomfort.

Surgery can provide relief often and can reduce the amount of strain on the back and neck by reducing the size of the breasts. It can also provide a long-term solution to the issue, as opposed to dealing with pain through less permanent means. 

Woman’s Age

If a woman is young and her breasts are still growing, it is important to consider the potential side effects of surgery on her body’s natural development. Surgery may stop breasts from growing or respond to natural changes that would otherwise occur throughout life.

Therefore, older women with developed breasts may be the best candidates for back pain surgery. Moreover, the healing process is generally quicker and more efficient for older women since their bodies are better equipped to handle the experience. 

Individual’s Physical Activity Level

The more active an individual is with their daily activities or physical activities, the more likely they are to be overburdening their spine and neck muscles. This can lead to the overstretching of muscles as well as incorrect postures to compensate for the body’s center of gravity.

Getting surgery for back pain due to these factors from large breasts may become necessary for certain individuals if expected improvements from ergonomic changes and physical activity are not enough. Surgery helps restore and maintain optimal posture and strength, which can lead to more comfortable daily activities. 

Personal Preferences and Cosmetic Results

Surgery is often the only way to reduce the pain associated with large breasts. While it is a major decision, it can come with personal preference and cosmetic results. There are several types of plastic surgery available to reduce your breast size, depending on how much volume is to be removed.

Options may include breast lifts, breast augmentation, and breast reduction. The benefits of breast reduction are plentiful.

Breast reduction at Zenn Plastic Surgery can give you more control over the appearance of your breasts. Some women may choose to reduce their breasts for a more proportionate look or to enhance their figure. 

Follow This Guide to Relieve Back Pain From Large Breasts

Surgery for back pain from large breasts should always be a last resort. If lifestyle changes do not seem to make a difference in pain, breast reduction surgery should be discussed with a qualified doctor.

They can help evaluate whether it is the right decision for you. Don’t suffer from chronic back pain any longer; talk to your doctor today to see if breast reduction surgery is the right decision for you.

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