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Sculpt Your Beauty: Unlocking the Power of Dermaheal LL Lipolytic Solution for Effective Fat Dissolving

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Injectable cosmetic preparation dermaheal ll lipolytic solution is a mesococktail created by bioengineers of Caregen company. Korean scientists developed and patented this product, which successfully eliminates localized fat deposits on the face and all over the body, as well as helps to fight cellulite, the effect of “orange peel” and loose skin.

Instead of surgical methods, such as liposuction and dermolipectomy, biotechnologists from South Korea offer the introduction of a unique composition into the fat tissues. This composition is based on the action of growth factors, biosimilar peptides, hydrogenated lecithin, multivitamins, L-carnitine, minerals and hyaluronic acid (HA). Each of the components of Dermaheal LL helps to reduce fat buildup and promote skin recovery after topical slimming. The three active ingredients play a key role:

1. Hydrogenated lecithin (phosphatidylcholine) removes excess triglycerides through the lymphatic system, promotes fat dissolution and reduces cholesterol levels.

2. L-carnitine accelerates the utilization of broken down fatty acids, stimulates the production of ATP-acid in mitochondria, improving metabolic processes in skin tissues.

3. Biomimetic peptide (CG-TGP2) – a growth factor, an analog of insulin, accelerates the synthesis of fibroblasts, reduces the amount of fat deposits, thickens the skin, providing firmness and lifting.

Dermaheal LL also includes complexes of minerals, multivitamins and HA to stabilize results, restore the skin after fat loss and enrich it with beneficial ingredients to achieve beautiful aesthetic results. The cocktail blocks the re-accumulation of fat, providing clients with long-lasting results.

Dermaheal ll injection ensures complete biocompatibility and safety. The product has been successfully used in cosmetic clinics around the world, the active ingredients are certified and the products meet safety standards. Now patients with cellulite and excess fat deposits do not have to resort to surgery – it is enough to undergo 2-4 sessions. After the procedure, the fatty acids are eliminated from the body through the blood and lymphatic systems.

The first results from the use of Dermaheal LL are noticeable after the first session, and the desired effect is achieved after 3-4 weeks. Cosmetologists prefer the lipolytic cocktail for its convenience – anesthesia is rarely required. One session usually requires one or two vials.

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