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River Rose Blackstock: Biography, Wiki, Age (2023), Family, Education, Facts, Height, Net Worth & More

River Rose Blackstock

River Rose Blackstock is the daughter of Brandon Blackstock and Kelly Clarkson. She is an American celebrity child widely known for her mainstream vocalization. She was born in Nashville, Tennessee, on 12th June 2014, making her 9 years old as of 2023.


It’s presumed that Kelly and Brandon began dating in 2012, and Kelly gave birth to a lovely baby daughter called River Rose Blackstock a year later. The middle name “Rose” was adopted in honor of her maternal grandmother. 

River Rose Blackstock has a brother named Remington and half-siblings named Savannah and Seth. Her grandparents are Narvel Blackstock, Elisa Gayle Ritter, Stephen Michael Clarkson and Jeanne Ann. Aunts and Uncles include Jason, Alyssa, Shelby Blackstock, Chassidy Celeste and Shawna Rene Blackstock.

Personal life

River Rose is still young to know much about her personal life. In this case, she is going ahead in pursuing her studies as she is too young to date anyone. The sun sign of River Rose is Gemini, and she belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity. 

When it comes to her physicality, it’s believed that River Rose Blackstock has not revealed her body measurements yet but has a fine height and weight that suits her physique according to her age. She has blonde hair and hazel eyes and had a great time growing up with her family.


River’s mother, Kelly Carson has been open about her daughter’s independent personality and hopes that one day she’ll run a company, as there is no way that her daughter will work for anyone. She even says her daughter should never be a pushover when she’s older.

Rise to fame

River Rose is famous for being the daughter of an American Idol winner. Soon after her birth, 8 months later, she appeared on the cover of people’s magazine with her mother. River also featured in a teaser trailer for her mother’s song “heartbeat”. In Clarkson’s Broken and & Beautiful music video, she danced backstage and did her mother’s make-up. 

She also appears to be her mother’s inspiration for writing books such as River Rose and the Magical Lullaby and River Rose and the Magical Christmas. The girl also loves dancing , gymnastics and adores taking photos.

Family life

Kelly Clarkson, Rose’s mother, is an American songwriter, author, television personality and, most of all, a singer. She is 40 years old and was born in Fort Worth, Texas. She catapulted to fame after winning the first season of American Idol in 2002, which resulted in a record deal with Radio Corporation of America and her song becoming the best-selling single in the country that year. 

Kelly Carson has  sold approximately 45 million single songs and 25 million records globally. Notably, she has 11 number one singles in the United States and nine number one songs in Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. That gave her the reputation of 11 Grammy awards, including two wins and nine nominations.

On the other hand,  River’s father Brandon Blackstock is an executive music producer. He is 46 years old and was born in Fort Worth, Texas. He was previously married to Mellissa Ashworth before getting hinged to Kelly Clarkson. 

Brandon Blackstock and his ex-wife Mellissa Ashworth have two children, namely Savannah, born in 2002 and Seth, born in 2006. They stopped dating after 12 years of marriage, their relationship didn’t continue citing irreconcilable differences. In 2012, they divorced, and Brandon took custody of their two kids.

Brandon eventually met Kelly Carson in the same year while working with Rascal Flatts in the production house of Black Shelton Live. Everybody was shocked when she declared her commitment, especially her relative, Reba McEntire, as they had known one another for quite some time. They later ended up tying the knot on 14th December 2012. 

Brandon and Kelly were united as husband and wife at Blackberry Farms in Walland, Tennessee. Following weeks of pregnancy rumors, Kelly confirmed the pregnancy four weeks after their wedding. It was quite evident how she was confident of getting a daughter. In June 2014, they had their first daughter and named her River Rose Blackstock. Two years later, they had their second child and named him Remington.

After nearly 7 years of marriage,  River Rose’s family petitioned for a legal separation in June 2020 to end their marriage life. During the divorce case Kelly stated that her duty was to protect her kids.

Soon after the separation, Rose’s parents sought child psychologists and therapists to help them deal with their situation. As per the court documents, Blackstock was paid a massive one-time payment and monthly spousal and child support payments. Even with their irreconcilable differences, the two will continue co-parenting their children.

River Rose’s brother Remington had some hearing issues and delayed speech development. The hearing issue set him back almost nine months in his communication. However,  Remington is now making full sentences and engaging well with his family.

On the 2nd birthday of Remmington (2018), Clarkson took her kids to Disneyland. The family celebrated with Woody and Jessie from Toy Story. In July 2021, the kids also enjoyed a Walt Disney World vacation with their mother. 


River Rose Blackstock lives in several luxurious habitats, including her parents’ lavish accommodations in Encino, Los Angeles, California. Her house is worth $8.5 million and consists of 8 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms on 9,800 square feet.  She also resides in Henderson, Tennessee – based home, with her parents buying it for $8.75 million based on 20,121 square feet with seven bedrooms, eight full and three half bathrooms.

Ultimately, Kelly Clarkson is yet to give her followers a glimpse of River Rose and Remington in quite some time, but she made up for the lost time by posting a lovely photo of them.

Net worth, Salary

River Rose is not engaged professionally and doesn’t earn or own money. However, even with that, she has support and receives everything she wants by her millionaire parents. Her father, Brandon, is worth about $10 million as of 2022 and currently earns an annual salary at NBC as a producer averaging about $116,000. Her mother, Kelly, is calculated to be about $45 million and currently earning $560,000 per episode from NBC at present.

Social Media 

River Rose Blackstock has no active personality presence on social media. That means she has no official Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter accounts. River takes after her mother, who loves to post her favorite books on social media. She has only always been featured in her parents’ social media posts.

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