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Picuki: How to View Instagram Profiles Including Hashtags and Stories

Picuki is an Instagram Viewer and Editor to let you search tags, profiles, and locations without logging in.

Instagram is an exciting online social media platform for most of us where we can post stories, photos, and videos, and accord and receive likes, comments, and private messages. Therefore, this social media platform offers you a great way to connect with others. However, Instagram does not allow you to view others’ content if you don’t have an Instagram account. Thanks to Picuki, an online free platform that allows you to browse and view Instagram personalities’ profiles including photos, hashtags, and stories.

 Picuki is an Instagram Viewer and Editor to let you search tags, profiles, and locations without logging in. Therefore, the users can easily search through and access Instagram profiles, tags, followers, posts, stories, and locations. You can also follow the activities of your friends on Instagram and learn about which people they are following on their different social media accounts. Besides allowing you to view various posts by exploring Instagram hashtags and reading comments, Picuki also permits you to download Instagram photos and videos.


Things to Know about Picuki:

In Clifton, New Jersey, US, Picuki became a prevailing entity of digital Ocean LLC. Picuki makes Instagram accessible for users without having an account. To enjoy this benefit, the worldwide internet search for Picuki has significantly increased in recent times. On Google and Bing, people are frequently searching the phrase, “Picuki”. As this website has become a trending keyword on multiple online browsers, this reflects the impression of the website to the online community. So, even if you do not have an Instagram account, don’t worry, try Picuki to view the profiles and content on Instagram.

How to Use the Picuki.com Website?

To access the Picuki platform, you have to go to any internet browser including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, etc. by using your computer or your smartphone. Then, you have to type picuki.com on the internet browser and press the “Enter” button. This will redirect you to the picuki.com website. Once the portal will open, you will find a search bar where you can search for different Instagram content by providing tags, profile names, and locations.

How to View Instagram Content Using Picuki Instagram?

You can view the Instagram profiles and observe the users’ activities without having an Instagram account. Instagram only allows you to view recent posts of a user for a very limited time and you can not even open the photos on the extended screen. However, Picuki helps you to get rid of this problem by providing you access to various Instagram profiles, posts, and tags and downloading the photos without logging in to Instagram. This Instagram viewing and editing platform also do not keep the records of your visit to the Instagram profiles. Using the Picuki Instagram tool, you can also edit and save your and others’ Instagram photos. So, let’s understand how you can use Picuki to get all these benefits.

To View Instagram Profiles:

Follow these steps to view a particular Instagram profile-

  1. Once you have visited the Picuki.com website, you will find four different filters under the search bar, such as “All”, “Profiles”, “Tags”, and “Locations”. Select “Profiles”
  2. Now, you have to put the username or profile name on the search bar. 
  3. After the search is completed, you may find different profiles under the same username. Choose the right profile and see all the photos and videos of the profile.

To View Instagram Content Using Hashtags and Locations:

Follow these steps to view a specific Instagram content using Hashtags and Locations Search-

  1. After visiting the Picuki website, you have to select the filter “Tags” or “Locations” to get the appropriate result. 
  2. Now, on the search bar, enter the Hashtag or locations.
  3. Once you have got the results, to view Instagram content directly using Hashtag search, click on the “Tags” instead of “Profiles”. 

To Edit & Download Instagram Photos Using Picuki Instagram:

There is some software available on the Internet that only allows you to download photos and videos on Instagram. However, Picuki Instagram is the only platform to provide you with editing features for Instagram posts. Editing and downloading Instagram photos is very simple with Picuki. 

  1. Select the photo that you want to edit and download and click on the photo for the extended view.
  2. Under the photo, you will find two options, such as “Edit” and “Download”. 
  3. Once you will click on the “Edit”, you will find different options to edit the photo.
  4. After editing the photo, click on the “Download” button and the photo will be saved on your device.

To View Instagram Stories on Picuki:

You can also use Picuki to view Instagram stories without logging in to your Instagram account. Follow these simple steps to view the stories-

  1. On the Picuki website, you will find the “View Stories” button. Click the button.
  2. After clicking the “View Stories” button, a page named “Instagram stories downloader” will open. 
  3. There you will have a search bar where you have to enter a specific Instagram username and choose the profile from the pop-up list.
  4. Once the search will complete, you will be able to see the stories of the user. 

The Advantages of Picuki:

Picuki is a great online platform with a straightforward interface to allow you to search Instagram content. When you enter the username on the search bar, the algorithm of Picuki provides several possible matches from which you can select the right profile. However, to access this platform, you don’t need to provide your details including email addresses, name, or credit card number. Therefore, this platform is very safe. However, you may need to virus scan your device. Picuki not only allows you to explore trending Instagram content but also provides multiple tools and filters to edit the photos and download the Instagram content. More importantly, the Picuki platform is free of cost.

How Can I Install Picuki App?

Unfortunately, Picuki is a web-based platform that is only available for online mode. As of now, there is no such official app for Picuki. Therefore, you can only access this platform through different Internet browsers. However, considering the increasing popularity of Picuki, we may have a Picuki app in the future. For now, there is no way to install or download Picuki as an app.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is Picuki legal and safe?

Yes, the Picuki platform is completely legal and safe to use. This platform provides the safest way to browse Instagram and edit and download Instagram content.

  • Does Picuki maintain anonymity?

The Picuki platform maintains complete anonymity as the owner of the profile will not be able to know any information about your visits including your personal information.

  • What are the benefits of Picuki?
  1. Search trending Instagram profiles and tags
  2. Edit and Download Instagram photos
  3. View posts, stories, and discussions
  4. Search using locations and hashtags
  • What is the cost of Picuki?

Picuki is an entirely free platform for browsing Instagram. You don’t have to pay any money.


If you don’t have an official Instagram gateway or an Instagram account, use Picuki to access Instagram content. This is a completely safe and free platform to view, edit, and download Instagram content. 

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