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7 Home Solar Maintenance Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Did you know that keeping up with regular solar maintenance can give you a boost in your home’s efficiency?

Making sure your solar panels are in good shape can be a bit of a learning curve, especially if you haven’t used them much. Not sure what good home solar maintenance mistakes look like? We’ve got all the info you need.

Let’s explore the top solar maintenance mistakes to look out for so you can spot them before they become a problem.

1. Forgetting to Proper Shutoff Practices

Home solar maintenance is a tedious yet important task. Neglecting to clean solar panels properly can cause efficiency losses and even untimely system failure. One of the major mistakes to avoid when performing maintenance is forgetting to properly shut off practices. This is designed to produce as much power as possible for the family.

However, when cleaning and maintaining the system, it must be entirely shut down. Failure to do so can cause potential problems with the inverter, panels, and battery systems. This is why consulting a professional when maintenance is needed is always advised.

It’s also important to take extra precautions during times of severe weather to ensure no damage is dealt with. Following the proper shutoff protocols is the best way to keep the solar system running efficiently while ensuring its longevity.

2. Poorly Installed Equipment

Solar energy is a great way to reduce reliance on traditional energy sources. It reduces the environmental costs associated with it. But a home solar maintenance routine can be tricky, especially if it is done poorly. Poorly installed solar equipment can reduce efficiency and even endanger the safety of anyone living in the home.

To avoid these issues, be aware of common mistakes that can occur during installation. Things to watch out for include inverter cables that are too small and incorrect alignment of mounting structures. It also includes a lack of reefing flexibility around roof penetrations.

Properly installed solar equipment can provide clean, renewable energy for years to come. But it’s important to ensure that it is installed correctly from the start. Poorly installed equipment can be an expensive problem to fix that could have been avoided with the right knowledge and care.

3. Not Paying Attention to Weather Damage

Not paying attention to weather damage related to your residential solar system is one of the primary maintenance mistakes that can lead to costly repairs or potential replacement of equipment.

Excessive wind, snow, rain, etc., can all lead to the deterioration of your solar panels due to wear and tear. It is important to regularly check on the condition of your solar panel array and inspect for any scratches, dents, warps, or tears.

If a repair is needed or components of the system need to be replaced, do so in a timely manner to prevent any further damage. Consider investing in a weatherproofing system or frames around the panels to protect them from any harsh weather.

4. Not Maintaining the Right Charge Level

Home solar maintenance mistakes in relation to maintaining the right charge level are important aspects of the operation of solar energy systems. Not maintaining the correct level of charge can lead to decreased productivity and efficiency in the system.

An important part of maintaining the right charge level is inspecting battery bank connections. Also, ensure they are tightened correctly and that all of the components are functioning correctly. It is essential to check the voltage levels and amperage in the system regularly to ensure it is operating at peak capacity.

5. Ignoring Shade Accumulation

When trees, structures, roofs, and debris cast shadows over your solar panels, the efficiency of your system will be dramatically reduced. This is because solar cells cannot capture the amount of solar energy necessary to produce an optimal amount of electricity.

To prevent your system from underproducing, it is important to keep trees trimmed and check for any possible objects blocking the sunlight from your solar panels. If you are unable to maintain these things yourself, you should contact a professional to inspect and/or prune the trees or remove objects blocking the sunlight.

6. Neglecting Panel Cleaning and Wind Protection

Neglecting panel cleaning and wind protection is one of the key mistakes when it comes to home solar maintenance. Regular cleaning of the solar panels is essential to ensure they are getting maximum sunlight. This will keep them running at peak efficiency.

Wind protection is also necessary to prevent too much wind from blowing over the panels and potentially damaging them. Installing strong fences, wall panels, or other physical structures around the solar panels, will reduce the wind exposure they receive.

7. Using Unpolarized Connectors

Home solar maintenance mistakes using unpolarized connectors can be very costly. Unpolarized connectors make it much harder to identify the positive and negative connections, resulting in improper connections when setting up a solar panel.

The risk of inadequate connections also exists when unpolarized connectors are used while making repairs or replacing components in a solar panel system. This can lead to the fraying of the wire strands and oxidation. View more here for more information about Solar Panel installation and maintenance.

Learn More About Home Solar Maintenance Mistakes

Home solar maintenance, unlike most other home upgrades, can be a bit more intricate and potentially more dangerous if not done correctly. Learning more about the basics of home solar maintenance mistakes can help you protect your investment and keep your solar system running for many years to come.

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